New video out!

Here it is. Teetööd is a tongue-in-cheek rap song pointing to a major problem distracting our free movement – road works! The song also contains double meaning and self-critical contemplation.

Also check out our homepage and listen/support by buying our music from bandcamp!

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And here it comes!

The magical weekend with the great INNER CIRCLE is close. On 15th in Viljandi lauluväljak, 16 in Rakvere vallimägi & final show is 17th in Rapla lauluväljak. Bombillaz Live will start at 20, so you can make it! More info on the links below!

Facebook event link!


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Today Bombillaz Live in Paide!

Bombillaz is performing today in beautiful little town Paide. Live will start at 20:30 but there is activities going on the whole day, so be early! See you in Paide!

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Bombillaz new album release party @ Sinilind Tallinn

The mighty reggae and world music party!
Colorful and diverse world music band Bombillaz will present their new oven hot album “HYPE”

Sails will be hoisted by reggae and dub flagship uus energia feat J.O.C., who recently released their fresh vinyl “For The Benefit Of Dub EP Chapter One”.

The party heats hot, really hot afrogroove drum and dance group Kuku!

Event facebook page

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नमस्ते Namaste!

Imagine if you could be an happy elephant. What would you think and how would you see the world? Dillaram is the answer to that! Dillaram is song from our upcoming III EP (May 2016). Video is from our 2015 Indian tour, when we had a chance to raft on the holy Ganges. What a great experience it was.
You can help us releasing our III EP by supporting us HERE!

Thank you!

#Bombillaz, #Ganges, #Hooandja

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Only 9 days left!

We are very grateful to all the good people who have already backed our III Ep on hooandja. We have raised 1276,60€ from the 4000€ goal. So we still lack 2723,40€ of our goal. Only 9 days to go now, and you can help us to achieve that goal. If you help us, we give back also:

Donate 5€ (or more) – and get a postcard signed by the members of Bombillaz, plus a CD single containing the tracks „Mees on rasta“ & „Raggamasta (original version)“

Donate 10€ (or more) – and get a digital copy of the new album.

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Bombillaz spotify updates!

Hello friends. So we have 239 followers on spotify right now. These are the 239 best followers you could ever imagine. Still only 11 to go to have 250 best followers in the world. This magic 250 means that we will be able to update our Spotify artist page and give you the best possible updates there. So who are those 11 people we are searching for? Ofcourse you and you and you and …. Thumbs up dear friends!

Bombillaz Spotify artist page!

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New video on youtube!

One two ready play! We made a little video from our life here and there over the years. This is for our new song from soon to be released third EP. Enjoy!

Support Bombillaz!

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Bombillaz on spotify!

Like to listen to music? Have a spotify account? Like Bombillaz music? If you answered yes to all three questiones, then it’s about to go to our Spotify artist page and click follow! You are the best and thank you for your support! Have lovely weekend 😉

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Bombillaz is releasing their III EP and NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

Dear friends, Bombillaz is going to release their third EP this spring and would love to have your support doing that. This EP will be colourful mixture of different world music rhythms we have absorbed from our magical journey on this wonderful Earth we all share. New EP is a tribute to all of you good people out there and of course to Mother Earth! You can help us by clicking HERE! Thank you so much in advance! Always yours Bombillaz :)

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